It's an all-new season in an all-new location: Pahkitew Island. Given that the Cree word for "explode" is Pahkitew, it's no wonder that host Chris McLean chose this new island to put a fresh collection of victims - er, contestants - through the most grueling challenges yet. Once again teen freaks, geeks, egos and cowards smash, crash and bash their way through the season with one goal in mind: winning that one million dollar prize. Who will take it home? No one knows until the final episode drops and the pain finally stops.

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Screenshot
1 So, Uh This is My Team? Chris welcomes 14 fresh victims to the new island; Flaws, strengths and outright insanity are put on display during an accommodations challenge.
2 I Love You, Grease Pig! A challenge involving a wild boar proves to be more than most can handle; Dave is showing some signs that he might be crushing on a teammate.
3 Twinning isn't Everything Samey and Amy's sisterly hatred reaches a boiling point during a game of doom balloons; Max gets a little help from a new friend on his quest for pure evil.
4 I Love You, I Love You Knots Ella's attempts to befriend Sugar backfire during a wild game of Truth or Scare; Rodney's delusional love triangle has a huge effect on his team's performance.
5 A Blast From the Past Sky likes Dave, but not as much as Dave likes Sky; Shawn bolts and puts his team in jeopardy; a surprise visit from a past competitor raises some very serious questions about a previous elimination.
6 Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems Ella comes up big after Dave puts himself in a dangerous spot; Max tangles with his team's chances to prove his superiority.
7 This is the Pits! Jasmine reveals a deep, dark fear in a deep, dark cave; Sugar confuses buses and trains; Dave looks for the perfect opportunity to plant his first kiss on Sky.
8 Three Zones and a Baby Sky chooses her new team over Dave; Max shows a softer side that's just as creepy as his evil side; Topher gets a call from the network.
9 Hurl and Go Seek Chris merges the teams and feeds them some expired meat before the first nighttime challenge; Dave finally hears what Sky's saying; Jasmine finally sees how Shawn's feeling; Scarlett learns the truth about Pahkitew Island.
10 Scarlett Fever
11 Sky Fall
12 Pahk'd With Talent A talent show takes place.
13 Lies, Cries and One Big Prize The season finale where one camper will be crowned winner and will be given the million dollars.

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