Biographical Information
Real Name: Theresa
Descendant: Theseus
Mentor: Persephone
Age: Season 1- 16
Season 2- 17

Theresa's Dad




3rd Degree Black Belt
Sixth sense



Height: 5'6
Character Information
Show: Class of the Titans
First appearance: Chaos 102
Voiced by: Kelly Sheridan

A black belt in karate at 12 years old, she has excellent fighting skills and is armed with nunchucks.

She has natural sense of direction as well as a sixth sense, akin to some form of clairvoyance or psychometry, enabling her to sometimes foresee the outcome of Cronus' schemes and the Olympians' plans or detect danger. Her psychic abilities have since further developed, including telepathic and telekinetic powers, which has helped the Chosen Ones more than once.

She also is a talented lyre player, something she is very reluctant to admit to others. Like Atlanta, she also plays on Olympia High's field hockey team.

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