Below is a list of Cybersix episodes, along with their summaries.

Season 1: 1999 Edit

1. Mysterious Shadow (premiered September 6, 1999)

Mysterious figures run around the city of Meridiana.

2. Data-7 and Julian (premiered September 12, 1999)

Cybersix meets a new friend named Julian, and reunites with her brother, Data-7.

3. Terra (premiered September 18, 1999)

Doctor Von Reicther creates a new monster for Jose to test out, named Terra.

4. Yashimoto, Private Eye (premiered September 19, 1999)

Jose forced the detective Yashimoto to seek out Cybersix.

5. Lori is Missing (premiered September 25, 1999)

Jose kidnaps Lori Anderson.

6. Blue Birds of Horror (premiered September 26, 1999)

Jose's new experiment causes the birds of the city to behave violently.

7. Brainwashed (premiered October 2, 1999)

Jose brainwashes Meridiana's best detectives into searching for Cybersix.

8. Gone with the Wings (premiered October 3, 1999)

Von Reichter's new creatures terrorizes the city of Meridiana.

9. The Eye (premiered October 10, 1999)

Von Reichter sends his son a new experiment to test out, called the Eye, which soon falls out of his control.

10. Full Moon Fascination (premiered October 2, 1999)

Von Reichter sends out a new creation to destroy Cybersix.

11. The Greatest Show in Meridiana (premiered October 16, 1999)

Jose uses the circus to trap Cybersix.

12. Daylight Devil (premiered October 17, 1999)

Von Reichter creates another new experiment to destroy Cybersix, named Grizelda.

13. The Final Confrontation (premiered October 23, 1999)

Von Reichter plans to destroy the entire city of Meridiana using the Isle of Doom.

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