Helena Von Grossberg
Helena Von Grossberg
Biographical Information
Real Name: Helena Von Grossberg
Alias: Helene Caroline Therese
Duchess Helene in Bavaria
Birth: 4 April 1834
Age: 17
Originally From: Vienna, Austria

General Von Grossberg (Father)


Fritz (Husband)
Prince Franz (EX-fiancé)


Royal Family

Character Information
Show: Princess Sissi
First appearance: An Imperial Surprise
Voiced by: Elisabeth Fargeot


Historical NotesEdit

  • In real life Sisi had an older sister named Helene who was supposed to be betrothed to Emperor Franz Joseph as desired by Archduchess Sophie, however upon laying eyes on Sisi, Franz Joseph feel madly in love with her and demanded to marry her over Helene.
  • Helena frequently refers to Sisi as a peasant. In fact, Sisi was the grand-daughter of the King of Bavaria and her mother Ludovika was actually the sister of Archduchess Sophie of Austria (Empress Sophia in the series). Therefore Sisi was the cousin of Franz and of much higher rank than the Viscountess Helena.
  • Sisi's sister Helene, who was likely the inspiration for the character of Helena, did eventually find a husband following rejection by Franz Joseph. She married the Prince of Thrun and Taxis and arguably had the only happy marriage of any of her sisters.