Crash Canyon is a Canadian animated show. It tells the story of the community living at the bottom of a canyon. The Wendel family is looking for an original holiday by caravan but their trip ends sooner than expected at the bottom of a canyon in Alberta, Canada. Canyon walls are too high to climb and there is no way out.[1] Soon they find out there is a whole community of 25 survivors from previous crashes down there. Dollars are not accepted and they use golf tees as a currency.



  • Norm: Head of the family, extremely rational engineer, he never loses his temper is arguably the sanest Person in the Canyon. He has very little social skill and often try to solve his problems with science but often it fails..
  • Shella: Easily angered wife of Norm. She is easily enraged but also a very loving and caring mother and wife. She obviously hates Vernon and Beverly.
  • Roxy: Wendells' daughter, she's selfish and only bothers about being popular.
  • Jake: Wendells' son, his main interest is making money, usually through scams even hopeless. He respects his father more than his sister does. Slide and Butch act as his friends. He has a crush on Pristine first only for her money but later it appears that he does not like only the money of her.
  • Vermon: Norm's morbidly obese thired cousin and main antagonist, he's obsessed with food and avoids any physical activity. He is very obnoxious and loud mouthed and no one in the canyon seems to really like him.


  • Sid:former British punk rocker.
  • Emily:The hilly billy wife of Sid. She is dimwitted like the rest of her family, but seems to be more responsible to her children than her husband.
  • Mace:Butanes' love sick teenage daughter.
  • Slide (Blonde) and Butch(Brown):pervers younger sons of the Butanes.


  • Reginald:Owner of Manderbelts Industries, husband of Beverly and father to Royce, Pristine and Vaughn.
  • Beverly:The snobby matron of the Manderbelts. Has a creepy crush on her older son.
    • Bjorn:the family's Norwegian servant, who never speaks although it's never revealed why.
    • Princess Cat:he lost her two legs by Norm.
  • Royce:Handsome Manderbelt older son. Love interest for Roxy until in season 2.
  • Pristine:Manderbelts' only daughter, in spite of her nice appearance she's regarded as ugly by the rest of the family.
  • Vaughn:Youngest son and unconquerable recurring antagonist


  • Angel and Brandi Charbonnel: Mother/daughter team who tours the junior beauty pageant circuit. They are like the Manderbelts very arrogant, sometimes even more. Despite that Angel is manipulating and mischievous she loves her daughter dearly and is very maternal toward her.
    • coach for Brandi's modelling. He act like a stereotypical arrogant French.

Around Crash CanyonEdit

  • Pete and Carol: Ambulance attendants, they act most of time nearly total amoral and irresponsible in their occupation. They make many jokes. They ended up in the canyon after Pete let the wheel and they went off the road.
  • Coma Steve: Pete and Carol's patient who only lies on a stretcher. He may not look it but he is still alive. Before he fell into the canyon he had a perfect life (he was engaged, was about to become a father, and won 50 million dollars) but while trying to save a girl's kitten he dislocated his arm. When Pete and Carol drove him to The hospital, Pete gets off of the road, falling into the canyon, causing Steve to fall into a coma. In the canyon, Pete and Carol treat him as an object.
  • Sarah Forbes: ever optimist cheerleader. She acts as the mayor of Crash Canyon and has everytime the presidency on every meeting. She is always happy and never seem to loose her nerves. She lives in a school bus.
  • Nalappat Brajabashimayum and Dummy: Indian ventriloquist and his abusive dummy. He treats his dummy like a living being. Nalappat runs the only bar in the canyon, in which is served a strange drink made by himself, it is unknown what the recipe is but according to him it will get you drunk.
  • Frida Dominguez: a Mexican lady, she runs a restaurant with lowest hygiene standards and has been married countless times. She is a very sexually active person and has an affair with Bjorn.
  • Colton Steel and the Monkey (Lippy) : Astronauts. Colton is a very patriotic astronaut and Lippy has a crush on Roxy. They both are the best friends. He is the only one in the canyon with American nationality.
  • Earl: A biker thug who ended up in the canyon after a friend from his group punched buggied him. He is very violent but can be humorous sometimes. He has a large beard and red hair.
  • Hiko: Elder Japanese man, he talks like a stereotypal fast talking Asian. Most people in the canyon seem to not get that he is Japanese as many believe him to be Chinese,Taiwanese or of other Asiatic descent, which angers him.
  • Mrs Mcgurck and Bear: An abusive old lady who throws her insults and tortures at a brown bear (after what she believed ate her husband) and treats him like a slave. The bear takes it.

One Time CharactersEdit

  • Mr Russel Mcguck: Husband to the aforementioned Mrs. Mcguck. He appears in "Moose on the Loose". It turns out that he and his wife ended up in the Canyon after he attempt to suicide because of the constant insulting of his Wife. When he want to eat some honey he takes off his clothes because they were full of honey. When he came back the bear chews on his clothes. Russel take the chance go into the woods and live there, but he is later found by Norm and Jake. After a failed moose hunt, the moose kicks him from a cliff believing that he is dead: at the end of the episode it turns out that he is still alive and hides from his wife.( It is unclear if when the other Canyonites will find a way to escape he will come back and join them, but possible he will not want to go back to his wife and his time on Earth is near the end anyway).


  • He never appears in the Series, Colton mentions him in the Pilot. He died when he was trying to shoot himself out of the Canyon but crushes on a Wall and died.(Note: Because of this Character and that Sarah lives in a School Bus and there are more Vehicles than that of the Canyonites, It is hinted that there were far more People who fell into the Canyon but they got lost or died.


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