Episodes Edit

Welcome To Chaotic(Part 1)

Welcome To Chaotic(Part 2)


Over Under Rent Asunder

Crash Course

The Thing About Bodal

Buggin' Out

Evering's In Flux

Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 1

Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 2

Lord of Treachery

Battledrome of the Sexes

Battle Lesson

The Birth of Borth-Majar

Shifting Sands

Falling Hero

Scavenger Scan


A Fearsome Fate

Maze of Menace

Out in the Cold


Stelgar Strikes

The CodeMaster Chronicles(Part 1)

The Codemaster Chronicles(Part 2)

The Ultimate Scan

An Easy Win

A Flux To Far

Chaotic Crisis

The Curse Of Kor-bek

Fire Fighters

Chasm Quest

Train Wreck

Trading Cards

Dual Duel(Part 1)

Dual Duel(Part 2)

Going Under

Big Time

Eye of the Maelstrom

Fighting Friendly

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