Live-Action Human Players Characters Edit

Tom Majors (Live-Action Film)

Sarah (Live-Action Film)

Kaz Kalinkas (Live-Action Film)

Christopher Peyton Rosen (Live-Action Film)

Krystella (Live-Action Film)

Klaybourne "Klay" (Live-Action Film)

Sam Shady (Live-Action Film)

DanianDan (Live-Action Film)

Tartaw Recker (Live-Action Film)

Hercu-Leon (Live-Action Film)

HotShot (Live-Action Film)

Mattmeiser (Live-Action Film)

Jycella (Live-Action Film)

Ulmanator (Live-Action Film)

Jessie Ware

Idris Elba

Mark Hamill

Jennifer Lawrence

John Abraham

Live-Action Creatures Characters Edit

Maxxor (Live-Action Film)

Wamma (Live-Action Film)

Chaor (Live-Action Film)

Prince Mudeenu (Live-Action Film)

Intress (Live-Action Film)

Odu-Bathax (Live-Action Film)

Takinom (Live-Action Film)

Najarin (Live-Action Film)

Bodal (Live-Action Film)

Tangath Toborn (Live-Action Film)

Lore (Live-Action Film)

Magmon (Live-Action Film)

Aivenna (Live-Action Film)

Lord Van Bloot(Live-Action Film)


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