Best Ed is a Canadian animated television series created by Rick Marshall. The series premiered in 2008 on Teletoon. The series chronicles the adventures of an overly helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Doug the squirrel, whom everyone calls "Buddy" because Ed refers to him as best buddy. They live in their fictional hometown of Swellville. Best Ed is produced by 9 Story Entertainment and animated using Adobe Flash software.[1]

Overview Edit

The series follows two anamorphic animals, Ed and Buddy, a dog and a squirrel respectively, who live in the town of Swellville. Their adventures and sometimes mis-adventures usually cause them to interact with other characters. Overall, Ed tries to be happy and helpful at all times.



Ed (voiced by Sean Cullen) – A yellow dog. Ed is overly enthusiastic and helpful, but rather dimwitted. He has many catchphrases, such as his trademark 'Yee!' and 'I'm here to help!', as well as 'Sacagawea!', 'Krakatoa!' and 'Well isn't that curious?' He has a speech impediment which makes him often say 'sh' rather than 's'. He has 'happy sandals', and is a frequent viewer of The Mighty Measel Moles, a Star Trek parody, both of which Buddy hates. He has numerous skills. Much focus is drawn to his navel. He is well liked by everyone in the neighborhood, although he considers Buddy his best friend.

Buddy AKA Doug (voiced by Pat McKenna)– An orange squirrel. Buddy is more level-headed and intelligent than Ed. He suffers incredibly from the antics of Ed, and everyone else (through either neglect or abuse), and only ends the episode happily in two episodes. He still does consider himself good friends with Ed. Everyone else dislikes him. He enjoys nuts, and has a car with a giant acorn for a roof. He was part of a club devoted to the nerdy role playing game Battle Buddies awhile ago. His catchphrases are "No, please, no!" and 'It's Doug, actually'.


Mr. Thursty (Thurston Plumtickler III) (voiced by Kedar Brown)- A large, brown dog. Mr. Thursty is paranoid and aggressive. His sidekick is Eugene. He speaks with an African-American accent. He is very jealous of Buddy.

Miss Fluffé (voiced by Carolyn Scott)- A yellow hamster. Miss Fluffé resembles the stereotypical fortune teller, but this is not an often employed trait. She has a crush on Ed.

The Kitten Twins (Betsy voiced by TBA, Buster voiced by Tersa Marshall)- Pink cats. Betsy and Buster appear cute and innocent, but are the worst of the lot. They tend to speak at the same time and giggle a lot. They are very rich, due to their high paying jobs as top mitten testers. Also they ride unicycles as in "Best Ed The Movie".

Eugene Tuttle - A short, green and brown turtle. Eugene is frequently picked on by Mr. Thursty. He lives in a house shaped liked a shell, surrounded by a moat. He is the only non-mammal in the neighbourhood. He appears infrequently compared to everybody else in the neighborhood, and is shy and nervous. He has not been mean to Buddy as of yet.

Heiny - (voiced by Damon Papadopoulos)- A Scottish Terrier who wears a kilt and has a Scottish accent who is a crossing guard.

Whithey, Blakie and Red - Three squirles who attended the same college as Buddy. The group host annual Battle Buddy Weekends with Buddy.

Mad Dog MarshalBuddy's minor antagonist.


Pilot. "Fat Chance"

  1. "Rub My Ed for Luck"/"Best Ediquette"
  2. "Crossing Dogs"/"Squeals on the Bus"
  3. "Smarti Pants"/"Sock It to Him"
  4. "Driver's Ed"/"Go Cart Go"
  5. "Nightmare on Sweet Street"/"Cat Fright"
  6. "Ed and Breakfast"/"Tooth of Consequences"
  7. "Lost in Place"/"Scouts Dishonour"
  8. "Chinese Please"/"The Unhappy Sandals"
  9. "Perfect-O"/"Sleep Wrecker"
  10. "The Night Before Hoppenscotch"/"Yeederhosers"
  11. "My Fair Laddies"/"Confined to Ed"
  12. "Local Zeroes"/"Outside Inmates"
  13. "To Yee or Not to Yee"/"The Mighty Measle Role"
  14. "Follow the Yeeder"/"Come Fly with Yee"
  15. "Paws for Alarm"/"Send in the Klownmans"
  16. "Chamele-Ed"/"Camp Camaraderie"
  17. "Squirrels Gone Wild"/"Ed Waiter"
  18. "Missing Mittens Mission"/"Talking Ed"
  19. "Lost Ed Found"/"Peddle Me Nuts"
  20. "Aye Robots"/"Where No Buddy Has Gone Before"
  21. "Uncommon Scents"/"A Pox on Thee Now"
  22. "No Buddy's Hero"/"An Arm-Yee of One"
  23. "Memor-Yee Lossg/"Long Bark of the Law"
  24. "Ed for Sale"/"Rope-a-Dopes"

Miss Fluffe spends time with Ed which leaves Buddy jealous/Ed & Buddy do a wrestling compilation Buddy really wants to do.

  1. "Help Want-Ed"/"Screaming Yee-Bees"
  2. "King Tut Tut's Nut"/"Gym-Dandy"

DVD ReleasesEdit

The series first came out in Australia, in two separate volumes. In the UK, Fremantle Home Entertainment released a 2-disc set on TBA containing all 19 episodes from the TV Series (1). The original online episodes are not included.


  1. Kuzmyk , Jenn: 9 Story Entertainment, C21 Media, 9 February 2006.

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