Biographical Information
Real Name: Archie
Descendant: Achilles
Mentor: Ares
Age: Season 1- 15
Season 2- 16
Originally From: Canada



Fighting Skills


Hephaestus whip

Height: 6'0
Character Information
Show: Class of the Titans
First appearance: Chaos 102
Voiced by: Sam Vincent

Archie the 4th teen brought to Olympia High, Archie is 15 years old. He is very agile, and wields a Hephaestus whip, which cuts through anything.

The fourth teen brought to Olympia High, Archie is 15 years old. He is super agile, almost as fast as Atlanta. He tends to be brash, macho, somewhat insensitive, and has a slight tendency to show off, but also tends to keep to himself and is rather cynical.

Achilles did not wear armor over his weak heel, Archie wears a distinctive gold brace covering his right leg and part of the foot, as he has a wonky heel. However is most just a reference to Achilles.

Dionysus also says that Archie is invincible to disease like Achilles (mostly) was, however Archie at least has scars from 'rubbing a timber wolf's belly'; he has never been sick a day of his life though.

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